AI in Waste Management & Recycling Industries

It is common knowledge that artificial intelligence and robotics are rapidly changing most industries across domains. But few know that AI has been instrumental in transforming the operations of the waste and recycling industries. In today’s post, we look at a few examples in this field.

Waste and recycling plants already use several types of machines to sort the waste that comes in from municipalities. There are opportunities for AI and robotics to improve processes through the various stages, from garbage collection to transportation, to sorting and recycling. Waste management companies are now working with tech solutions providers to lower the monthly spend on trash & recycling.

Intelligent bins

One of the solutions is a Smart bin with IoT sensors which can measure the waste levels of the bin. The data is then sent to the central waste disposal system which can categorize the kind of garbage and appropriate disposal methods. The AI program provides analytics and insights in the type of waste to be collected which can be integrated with fleet management solutions. This helps municipalities make data-driven decisions to optimize waste collection times, frequencies and routes.

A citizen app also informs the residents of their nearest empty bins to help them locate the right bin for their recyclables to help reduce the problem of overflowing city bins. Several cities across the world have adopted the Smart bin and have reported a significant reduction in waste collection costs.

Deep learning-driven sorting

Another solution utilizes robotics and deep learning to sort out the trash. The garbage on the conveyor belt at the plant is scanned with cameras, analyzed by deep learning algorithms to identify trash. A robotic arm then pulls items off the belt as required for sorting. The model is continually self-improving. These robots are already in use at garbage dumps and plants in Europe and the United States.

Citizen apps

There are also solutions that citizens can adopt along with their municipalities. One such solution is a mobile phone app that trash haulers and municipalities to conveniently communicate with customers via text to collect and recycle clothing and electronics, schedule pick-ups and so on.

Highly industrialized nations must manage larger volumes of municipal waste fueled by increased urbanization and growth. With AI and robotics, they now have smarter and sustainable ways to dispose of and recycle trash.

Waste management companies are now actively seeking technology solutions to better serve their customers. At Tricon Infotech we offer a portfolio of technology services and solutions to make your organization future ready. Connect with us to learn more about how we can help you optimize your business processes.