The wet waste in the mixed form posses a greater risk to the human health

Any waste that is not considered dry waste is regarded as wet waste. Mainly consists of kitchen waste such as vegetable, fruit peels. The chances of recycling the waste get reduced because of the presence of wet waste in it. Dumping wet waste in landfills is environmentally undesirable and unsustainable as it generates dangerous methane gas.

Facts about Wet waste

These stats are based on global data from trusted sources about
Wet waste collection.

These stats are based on global data from trusted sources about Wet waste collection.

50 kg

An average Household generates 50 Kg of additional wet waste


Household waste consists of 75% Wet waste, 20% Dry waste and 5% Sanitary waste


Biogas has 55–60 percent methane and can be used as fuel for power generation

We follow a hygienic and smart process
to manage or recycle waste

We follow a hygienic and smart process to manage or recycle waste

Rexaw aims to take a proactive approach in order
to exacerbate all such challenges


Firstly we determine the exact volume of wet waste generated on site. Rexaw offers on-site wet - waste composting solutions to the Households and Bulk waste generators

Suggest Solution

Our team assists suggesting feasible solutions:
1) Mentioning the correct size/type of Composter needed for Wet Waste Composting
2) Another alternative is to deploy the entire waste for Biomethanization

Team Assistance

For companies / groups / agencies new to this concept , our teams explain in detail regarding the entire processes involved following the best set of practices

BayBack Program

Additionally we propose a buyback program to withdraw the compost  if not needed for further use

Key Highlights about Rexaw

CPCB/SPCB Registered Recycler
for Gujarat and Uttarakhand under Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016

Recognized by the Pollution Control Board to handle Hazardous and non-Hazardous Waste.

Assisting majority Plastic Packaging & FMCG Companies in aiding Plastic Waste Management Solutions namely Hindustan Unilever, ITC, Uflex Limited

We recycle all grades of Plastic namely PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC, PS, MISCELLANEOUS

Meaning of Keywords used

Wet Waste Composting

Composting means breaking down organic material. There are three kinds: aerobic, anaerobic, and vermicomposting. Composting can be done by adding dried leaves in the same quantity to the wet waste which is stored in a separate container. Typically an earthen pot / Terracotta is preferable


Bio methanation is the process used to organically extract the energy from the wet waste using anaerobic conversion . The energy extracted can be used to generate electricity

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