Mission Zero Plastic Waste – An Initiative by Rexaw

On 26th January 2021 - ‘Mission Zero Plastic’ was initiated by Rexaw and ‘Go Green Go Clean – ‘Let us Make it Happen’, with an aim to control the amount of plastic waste ending up at landfill sites. We are collecting the plastic waste from over 2500+ households of Haldwani on a daily basis. Till date we have regulated more than 20 MT of plastic waste.

The purpose of this joint venture, formed by Go Clean Go Green & Rexaw Waste Management is to channelize all types of harmful Plastic Waste through sustainable and sophisticated systems. These systems include Collection, Segregation, Processing & Environment friendly disposal.

Go Clean Go Green- “Let’s Make it Happen” is an advocacy NGO with a vision supporting mass movement in broadening the ideology to strategize ZERO Plastic Waste towards sustaining healthier eco-system and a cleaner space.

Rexaw Waste Management Pvt. Ltd is a service-based company with over 20 years of expertise & commitment in Collection, Segregation and Recycling of all types of waste. The goal is to promote the livelihoods of informal waste pickers

who are the major contributors towards this mission thus enabling a circular economy.


The Execution of this fulfilment is a holozoic (complex) task. With more than 40 years of expertise and interactive experience, our team has categorically bifurcated the tasks into a sequential methodical approach. These involve -  

  • Step 1 : The team will follow a strategic approach to effectively plan and allocate the resources required for timely execution
  • Step 2 : Adequate training and awareness related to waste segregation will be given to the residences, households by our team /volunteering group
  • Step 3 : The vehicle provided by Nagar Nigam will be deployed to collect the dry and wet waste separately. The vehicles will be distinguished by their color, i.e. Blue for dry waste and Green for wet waste and voice identification for the same
  • Step 4 : The cumulative waste will reach our MRF (Material Recycling Facility) where the recyclable waste and it’s components will be recovered or shall be sent for further processing
  • Step 5 : The wet waste will be sent to the Nagar Nigam as per guidelines and will be then processed for proper composting. The left-over waste unfit for recycling/processing will be sent to landfill sites 
  • Step 6 : The agenda for this detailed and complex model is to ensure that minimal waste ends up in the landfills


“A problem well stated is a problem half solved”
-- John Dewey

Now when all the objectives are defined with a perspective of a goal setting, the process, plan and execution are articulated in place with a primary aim to educate and spread awareness with the help of a team in order to create-sustain and inherit the legacy towards a healthier eco system.  However, this is only possible when we all come together, take part and become leaders in building grounds for converging products, lifestyle and people with the idea of sustainability and a robustly regulated environment.

This can be done in various other ways but the end result is always satiated towards becoming a sustainable planet.